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Distracted Driving: Is It Causing Declines in Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety?

Highway safety analysts use adjectives like “counter intuitive,” “shocking,” and “alarming” when referring to the fact that after three decades of overall declines in traffic fatalities, deaths resulting from road accidents have increased 14 percent over two years from 2014 to 2016. And they’re right. The truly startling aspect of this road safety downturn is […]

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Capital Region Bike-Sharing Program Announces Locations

The CDPHP Cycle! bike-sharing program, a joint initiative of the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) and the Capital District Physician’s Health Plan (CDPHP), continues full steam ahead since we blogged about it earlier this year. Last week, CDTA and CDPHP announced the locations of 38 bike-share stations across the capital region. The CDPHP Cycle! program […]

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Don’t Text and Bike, Distracted Bicyclists Pose Risks

LaMarche Safranko Law has represented countless victims of distracted driving each year. Although 11 teens die every day as a result of texting and driving, the same dangers exist for distracted bicyclists as well.[1] Is Texting While Biking Legal? Many states are currently toying with legislation that would outlaw distracted biking, with nearly identical restrictions […]

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