Q: Are bicyclists allowed to wear headphones while riding?

Bicyclists are only allowed to use one earphone for audio devices.A: Bicyclists are only allowed to use one earphone for audio devices, including telephones. It is important to be able to hear your surroundings while riding a bicycle.

The same New York law prohibits the use of earphones or headphones in more than one ear by automobile drivers and motorcyclists on public highways. Violation of New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law § 375 (24 – a) could result in a ticket.

Cyclists who are either wearing headphones or using a smartphone are obviously less likely to hear ambient traffic sounds, such as other bicycle bells, than riders who weren’t on their phones. As electric cars become quieter, music may have an even greater dampening effect.

There has been little research to determine exactly how dangerous headphones are for cyclists. A 2015 Netherlands study found that cyclists listening to music disobeyed traffic rules more often than than riders using a phone. But field experiments found no negative impact of headphones on a rider’s visual detection.

The study also reported a slightly higher crash risk for teenagers and young adults using an electronic device such as a music player.

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