A bicycle accident victim’s story

In June of 2014, Paul Caradori, was severely injured in a bicycle accident while riding on the shoulder of Fonda Road in Waterford.

“I noticed a car swerving over the line of the road, this big Lincoln coming right at me,” remembers Caradori, a lab technician and father of two. “I was able to get over a little bit, but he hit me head-on.”

Bicycle accident scene, photo of damage to car from accident attorney's file

A photo of damage to the car that hit Paul Caradori as he was riding his bicycle.

Caradori said witnesses told police that he was thrown high into the air, landing in an evergreen and bouncing to the ground. His injuries were substantial: a deep gash in his leg, breaks in his hand, wrist and left shoulder, a shattered elbow, torn ligaments in his left knee, a separated right shoulder, multiple broken ribs and a bang to the head that knocked him unconscious.

He was rushed to Albany Medical Center. In those first two weeks after the bicycle accident, before he was transferred to Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital, his wife fielded numerous phone calls from insurance companies. It became clear that even for something as simple as the replacement of the smashed bicycle, the insurance company was willing to offer only 75 percent of replacement value. The couple began to realize that the medical bills and lost wages were mounting into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Time to get a lawyer

“That’s when I decided we needed to get a lawyer, and I called George,” Caradori said. “The police didn’t ticket the driver, didn’t do a sobriety check and didn’t check his cell phone. Basically, the guy went home and that was the end of the story for him. If we didn’t have those two witnesses there, who knows how bad this thing could have been. I’d like to see legislation passed for mandatory sobriety testing when a personal injury is involved.”

George LaMarche advocated for the Caradoris to make sure the medical bills were covered through No-Fault insurance, first from the driver’s policy, and when those limits were reached, through the Caradori’s. Long-term disability insurance covered 60 percent of his salary until he was able to return to work 11 months after the accident. Most importantly, LaMarche made sure the driver’s insurance company paid 100 percent of the limits of the policy’s coverage, without having to engage in a lengthy and expensive civil lawsuit.

I’m very thankful I’m here, and I don’t try to hold any anger,” Caradori said. “The disappointing part is I kind of worked my whole life to stay in shape so I could do all these things when I“. Now I struggle every day, all because I went out for a quick ride and bang.”

A year and half later Caradori is still doing physical therapy and contemplating additional surgeries to correct ongoing problems.

“I will have injuries to deal with for the rest of my life,” Caradori said. “It has been a difficult recovery, but I’d like to thank George for all he has done for me.  

Photograph of smashed bicycle and gear taken at the scene of the bicycle accident, from the personal injury case file.

Paul Caradori has a long road to recovery after his bicycle accident, but with counsel from Clifton Park personal injury attorney George LaMarche, he received the full amount of available insurance coverage without going to court.

“He guided us through and helped us make the right decisions without wasting a lot of money. I can see how you might make a lot of mistakes if you didn’t have the right lawyer. George was there every step of the way and his dedication to my case allowed my family and I to focus solely on my recovery. “