A swerving Lincoln and life-changing injuries

Photo of the scene of bicyclist Paul Caradori's head-on accident from testimonials for LaMarche Safranko Law.

The remnants of the accident scene after an ambulance rushed Paul Caradori to Albany Medical Center in June 2014.

In June of 2014, Paul Caradori, a lab technician and father of two, was riding his bicycle on the shoulder of Fonda Road in Waterford.

“I noticed a car swerving over the line of the road, this big Lincoln coming right at me,” Caradori remembers. “I was able to get over a little bit, but he hit me head-on.”

Caradori said witnesses told police that he was thrown high into the air, landing in an evergreen and bouncing to the ground. His injuries were substantial: a deep gash in his leg, breaks in his hand, wrist and left shoulder, a shattered elbow, torn ligaments in his left knee, a separated right shoulder, multiple broken ribs and a bang to the head that knocked him unconscious…Read the whole story

“It is necessary that we raise awareness about road safety for bicyclists, runners, walkers and motorists, and I would like to thank George for establishing this website for this purpose.” Paul Caradori. Father, husband, bicycle accident victim, LaMarche Safranko Law client.

A spring day, a steep hill, a BMX bike, a crash

It was the last day of school, a warm, sunny June day, and 16-year-old Ben Budesheim was racing down a long hill from a friend’s house on his tricked-out BMX bike, headed for a festival in Sand Lake.

“In those days, he used to routinely ride 20 miles on his bike,” Ben’s dad, Edward remembers. “It was nothing to him. Being 16, he wasn’t required to wear a helmet, and of course, he was too cool to put one on.”

A car, driven by an 18-year-old neighborhood girl, suddenly came out of a side road, straight into the teenager… Read the whole story

Danger of bicycle accidents, even for the cautious

Dale Ching had been spending less time with his bicycle lately, frequently opting to exercise on an indoor cycle. Two of his friends had recently been in bicycle accidents – one in Troy and one in Burnt Hills – and he was feeling a little wary.

“As you get older, I think you tend to get more cautious about your health,” said Dr. Ching, an optometrist in Saratoga Springs. “A lot of the cars don’t give us a lot of room. Their mentality is that they see us as being nuisances on the road. Sometimes we get yelled at. Sometimes they crowd us off the road.”Read the whole story