Road Sharing Alliance

There is risk associated with every mode of travel. However, walking, running, jogging and bicycling remain healthy, safe activities for tens of millions of people every year.

The public health community recognizes that lack of physical activity – and a decline in bicycling and walking in particular – is a major contributor to hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by heart attacks and strokes. This number dwarfs annual pedestrian fatalities – 4,735 – and the 33,561 total deaths due to motor vehicle crashes. (2013 NHTSA data)

The Road Sharing AllianceLogo for the Road Sharing Alliance, a project coordinated by LaMarche Safranko Law to prevent bicycle, pedestrian and runner accidents.

The Road Sharing Alliance is a new organization in upstate New York comprising bicyclists, automobile drivers, walkers, runners, joggers, law enforcement agencies, children and parents – all people who have concerns about the safety of our streets.

Together, we try to use our resources to educate and draw attention to safety issues that affect us all. The streets and roads of our communities are our campaign platform and we are on them together, sharing our concerns and the responsibility for improvements equally.